Kleinbooi loading mixer with stone
Beth and Alex mixing concrete
Alex, Kleinbooi & Louis
The team mixing concrete
Alex & Beth
Dolly and Sally loading stone
Alex & Beth loading stone
Louis, Beth, Jason, Dolly & Sally
What's in the bucket?
The Team casting concrete
Bob for quality control
The finished concrete floor
The final product
54 square meters of concrete

The Pioneering Global Team of Joe McBride  that

cast the foundations of the first Fuller Center cement brick house in Cape Town


Global Team Leader, Joe McBride, and his Team members: Dollie, Beth, Robert, Sally,

Maury and Alex are the foundational Global members of the Global Builders who laid the foundations of the first cement brick house in Wesbank, Cape Town, South Africa.

This was a historic event and they will always be known as the founding Global Team

who have sown the first seed.


When we prayed over the foundations that day, none of us could imagine what God

could perform through us.

From foundations to  a well-constructed, three bedroomed, cement brick house with

a majestic red cement tiled roof.