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Housing Delivery in South Africa

The need for New Models to address the Housing crisis -

By Kevin Thompson (M.Tech)


Kevin Thompson makes out a compelling case for the need for new models to address the housing crisis in South africa.


In this research paper, Thompson writes with conviction why it has become crucial for South Africa to search for and implement new housing models to address the critical housing needs in South Africa.


Despite 20 years of the new democratic dispensation, government (National, Provincial, & Local) has not been able to provide decent, affordable housing to all its citizens. Thompson contends that this is precisely the problem - ordinary citizens should not rely on government alone to be the sole provider of housing; it could still remain the key housing provider, but other more suitable models should be found that can keep abreast of the population growth, especially experienced in the Western Cape.


The role of research and new technology (promoting modern building methods) should be at the forefront in pioneering the way forward for housing delivery in south Africa.


Futhermore, he emphasizes the role of community based leaders like Millard and Linda fuller have played in establishing community based housing initiatives like HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, and THE FULLER CENTER FOR HOUSING, and the impact of these organisations throughout the world.


Thompson's paper is a work in progress; it however kickstarts a very vital debate that is long overdue in South africa.