Board of Directors serving on Fuller Center for Housing, Western Cape (FCHWC), RSA

Liz Green, Board member, Director on the Construction Committee


Liz Green is a retired Elementary school teacher. She has vast experience in the designing of family homes, Interior design, and Decor, and she will serve in this capacity on the Construction Committee.


Liz designed the first house for Fuller Center for Housing in the Western Cape in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, which was completed in April 2016.

She is also the chief house designer of the new cement blockhouse of the HENDRICKS FAMILY in Wesbank, Cape Town.


Louis Michael Green, former Member of Parliament (1994-2009), Country Director, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Fuller Center for Housing Western Cape


Bishop Louis Michael Green is a Law graduate of the University of Western Cape, who majored in Private Law, Constitutional Law and English. He served as a High School teacher in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, for over 10 years teaching Maths, English and Library Science.


He became a member of Parliament in 1994, when President Nelson Mandela became the first democratically elected President.


He served as a Parliamentarian for 15 years on committees including Housing, Finance, Education, Communication and Justice. He was a member of the Constituent Assembly (Human Rights) and participated in the process of writing a new Consitution for South Africa from 1994-1996.


He is also the Project Director of ProPeace, a program managed by the Western Cape Community Outreach to reduce gang violence in the Western Cape, and he is presently also the Principal of a Bible School in Cape Town and Chairman of the Board of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (P.A.W.) in the Western Cape.


Construction qualifications of Louis Green,the CEO of FCHWC

The knowledge gained by the CEO, Louis Green, by completing this diploma in Electrical studies was 

passed on to young recruits and volunteers of FCHWC to perform duties as electrician assistants.

Below, a young volunteer is being trained on the basics of rewiring a stove.

Safety rules are crucial when training young recruits on electric circuits in houses.

This qualification has also assisted us to train young recruits to replace dangerous circuits on old distribution boxes in underserved communities mainly living in South African townships.

The pic left is an actual distribution box of an underserved family staying in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, where most council houses are moe than 50 years old.

Young FCHWC volunteers start their learning is being introduced to an introduction in Electrical wiring, an online course that was also completed by the CEO.

BOARD MEMBERS are encouraged to improve their qualifications in construction work to help train volunteers.

Our aim is to be EMPOWERED with building skills so that we may empower others.

This qualification assisted us to train young recruits to build wooden framed homes in underserved communities mainly living in South African townships.

Our first home was completed for a previously disadvantages family in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town.

Most of the work completed was done by young volunteers who are staying in the house built by themselves and guided by the CEO of FCHWC.

Other qualifications of the CEO of FCHWC

plumbing 1
Electrical wiring systems
Operations management
carpentry 2
growing organic food
buying a house
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Hillton Dennis, is the Co-founder, Deputy President & Chief Operations Officer of the FCHWP
Rev Dennis received his tertiary training at (SETA) Sector Education & Training Authority; he is qualified in monitor Strategic planning to improve performance; develop, implement & evaluate a marketing strategy and finance management.

He is honest, trustworthy and reliable his qualifications, experience, capability and competent in what he is doing. He backgrounds as a community leader in developing and transforming the community through life skills and different programs. His community involvement gave him the exposure as a community leader due to his influence. He is a very dedicated and passion driven towards his goal.


He serves on different organizations in his local community e.g. His is the president and founder of Global Community Foundation City of Cape Town Sub-Council committee memberPortfolio holder – Education (Current position) Community development Steering Committee as Chairperson (Currently) Early Childhood Development Forum as Chairperson (Term Completed) Wesbank Community Forum as Vise Chairperson (Currently) Western Cape Community Outreach – Executive member position Finance manager (Currently) Pentecostal Assemblies of the World USA International – (Faith based) Council Vice Chairperson Pentecostal Oneness Fellowship SA (Faith based) as Presiding Chairperson (Current)

Jesica Dennis, Director of Family Selection

Jesica is a qualified nursing sister at the  Western Cape College of Nursing.

She completed her Period of full-time  study from Jan 2012 to 2015.


She has completed the Diploma in Nursing ( which includes General, Psychiatric, community & Midwife)


She completed the following Subjects: Introduction to Biology 1a & 1b Applied Biological & Natural Science English for Educational Purposes Computer Literacy Language Applied to Health Care Nursing Dinamics Fundamentals of Nursing Science Clinical Nursing practical Nursing 1

Her current Subjects are : * Applied Social Science  Medical Surgical Nursing Science  and Nursing 2


In 2015, she completed the four-year degree as a professional nurse, when she completed the B.A. Nursing.


She also has the experience of working for Sasol as a supervisor, at Sosoloza Cleaning Development as an administrative clerk, and for Global Community Foundation as a part time worker. 


The FULLER HOUSING CENTER WESTERN CAPE was registered in Pretoria South Africa on 15th of January, 2014.


We presently have FOUR directors serving on our Board, TWO men and TWO women, AND five non-director Board members serving as heads of departments.

Fuller Center for Housing - Wcape / T +27 21 9878639 / F +27 21 866578715 /


The Fuller Center for Housing Western Cape is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing throughout South Africa.



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