The following persons are serving as the Heads of the various departments

DAWN GREEN - Board member. She is also the Director and owner of Queenpin Graphics Volunteer - Marketing and Promotion





Dawn Jaclyn Green is a Matriculant Graduate of Curro Private School, who passed the subjects, Business Economics, History, Computer Science, Life Orientation, Photography, Art, English, and Afrikaans.


In 2007 she served as a new accounts agent at the Foschini Head Office with the role of maintaining client service satisfaction, registering new accounts, credit checks and call center response and standby. In 2009 she worked at Vodacom Head Office with the key roles and responsibilities of registering Vodacom Clients, updating data records, e-mailing nationwide stores, authorizing upgrades and repairs, training office assistants, processing Simcard swaps and call center response and standby.


In 2011 she worked as a self-employed fashion designer for a local company and she joined the sales force of @Home, a premium home interior supplier. Her tasks included sales, maintaining client relations and cashier services, clientele focused on designing and making custom corsets, t-shirt designing, clothing repair, pattern making, and refabrication. Later in 2012

In 2013 Dawn moved on to expand her Administration qualifications at Imbabala Investments, A recruitment agency for all Builders Warehouse and Macro stores throughout South Africa.


Her roles included setting up appointments and interviews, updating client databases, recruitment of workers for all Macro and Builders Warehouse branches in South Africa, switch-board operator, bulk messaging, distribution of bulk uniforms, screening and checking references on cv's of applicants, receiving of supplies and equipment, processing CCMA court cases, creating online advertisements and performing the role of personal assistant for the Cape Town District Manager.

My experience also includes the following:


3.5 ACDP [Parliament – Cape Town] RSA 2002-2003


Position: Contractor - Technician/Network EngineerProject: Networked installation of desktop computer systems Key Roles and Responsibilities:Installation physical cablingAutomated Installation of client computersInstallation and configuring of ServersConsolidation, troubleshooting & Support Reason for leaving: Contractual Obligation [Completed]


3.6 Unisys RSA 1997-1998 Position:


Contractor - TechnicianProject: Network installation of roughly 500 desktop computer systems Hardware Installation/InitializingSoftware Configuration/TestingProcessing & Packaging Reason for leaving: Contractual Obligation [Completed]

Jason Green- Head of Information Technology (I.T.) & Construction Manager


I am a technology enthusiast, a network engineer and my position in Fuller Housing Western Cape is to provide these services as needed and to continually always strive for excellence in my role as a provider of various computer services.

a diagnostic specialist.




My academic details are the following:


2. Educational Details


2.1 Secondary Education - Parow High School    RSA             1996[Matriculated with exemption]


2.2 Tertiary Education - Dynamix Computer Training     RSA                                        1999-2001

MCP                (Microsoft Certified Professional)

MCSA             (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator)

MCSE             (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)

MCDBA          (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator)


·  A+ PC Technician

· Networking Essentials

· Windows 2000 Professional

·  Windows 2000 Server

·  Implementing & Administering a Network Infrastructure

· Designing a Network Infrastructure

· Implementing & Administering Directory Services

· Designing Directory Services

· Managing a Network Environment

· Administering SQL 2000

· Database Design SQL 2000


My employment experience includes the following:


 3.3 Myatt International [Waterfront] RSA 2005-2006


Position: Contractor - Technician/Network Engineer Key Roles and Responsibilities:Point of Sale [implementation]BackOffice [localized server]HeadOffice [(remote centralized managment) Reason for leaving: Contractual Obligation [Timeframe]


3.4 ITS Computer Systems [Cape Town] RSA 2003-2004


Position: Contractor - Technician/Network


EngineerProject: National Rollout for Clinique Counters nationwide Key Roles and Responsibilities: Hardware installation of over 200 wireless


Linux-based networked systemsSoftware support to over 200 counters nationwide (ie: Edgars, Foschini)National consolidation of database members (excess of 50 000)Client liaison and staff induction training reason for leaving:

Contractual Obligation Completed




Jason has been instrumental in his performance as the construction manager in building the first new FCHWC house in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town.


Not only did he play an oversight role, but he also trained many of the volunteers on-site and did actual physical building throughout the erection of the new house.

He spent several months with the CEO of FCHWC to continue with the construction work in Bonteheuwel.


























































Jason's (Board member) role in the Liz Bellantoni Global Builders' Build, September 2019

During the September 2019 building program in Wesbank, Cape Town, at the home of the Hendricks family, Jason performed the following duties, with the assistance of Theo Christians, the Fuller Center volunteer from Bonteheuwel; He:

  1.  Was part of the team that lifted the trusses onto the walls of the new house;

  2. Assisted the team to join the two half trusses to form single trusses of 9 meters (29.5 feet) which forms the width of the house with the 450 mm overhang on each side.

  3. Assisted with the spacing of the trusses using 760 mm battens to space them evenly;

  4. Assisted with team members to even space and attach the battens to the trusses throughout the house;

  5. Built a new truss for the bathroom section of the house;

  6. Also participated with team members to drill a strategic hole in many of the roof tiles to receive the screw that would attach the tile to the batten.