The Global Builders of the Fuller Center for Housing (FCH)


The following quote comes from the Fuller Center web page:


" The Fuller Center’s Global Builders get to see the real world off the beaten path, immersing themselves in different cultures for 1-2 weeks and truly getting to know people from different lands — all while making a difference in their lives by helping families build safe, decent homes.


You can join a team of soon-to-be friends or bring your own group — either way, it’s a mission trip of building homes and lives that will change your life, too. Click one of the buttons below to get started or keep scrolling down to learn more!"


If you need more information on Global Builders from our International office in Americus, please go to the link below:

This is the Global Builders link for South Africa

work in South Africa 1.jpg
work in South Africa 2.jpg