Joseph (Joe) Mc Bride and the very first FCH Global Team to build in Cape Town, South Africa

From left to right: Maury (Altgeld), Dolly (Chan), Alex Bryan; Beth (McBride); Joe McBride (Team Leader);

Bob Berryhill; Sally Berryhill; and Louis Green (President & CEO of the FCHWC Branch in Cape Town) 


In Cape Town, we have been delighted to have received Joe McBride and his team as the Pioneering Team of the FCH Global Builders.


Maury arrived on August 28th and the rest of the team arrived on August 31st, 2018.

Dolly and Alex were the first to arrive at the Cape Town International airport at 6 p.m. and Joe and the rest of the team arrived at 9 p.m. on that same evening.


On arrival, Joe informed me (Louis) that the first trip for Global Builders almost did not happen.

I thank our Heavenly Father that it did indeed take place because it was a great blessing for all of us in Cape Town to have  met the first team.

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Our accommodation in Cape Town: 


Joe McBride and his team selected the Mojo Hotel in Sea Point, Cape Town, as the venue for the entire stay.


The Mojo was the ideal choice for the following reasons:


  1. It is centrally located in Cape Town and easy to get to the national roadways;

  2. It is a fairly safe location for international visitors;

  3. The rental of the rooms are very reasonable and the type of accommodation is excellent for the groups we intend hosting;

  4. It also has all the facilities needed including entertainment;

  5. The Cape Town hosts are very familiar with the Mojo Hostel and have a very good relationship  with its staff;

  6. The Mojo Hostel is close to all the important tourist sites such as Table Mountain; Maiden's Cove; Clifton; The Waterfront; Cape Town central shopping malls; Cape Point; Robben Island; The District Six museum; Parliament; Green Market Square, and many others.