ABOUT US - The Fuller Center for Housing Western Cape


OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Serving since 2013

The founding Board members were elected  at Board meeting held on 10th and 24th October 2013.


The following members were elected in the following positions:


1)  Bishop Louis Michael Green - President & CEO of Fuller Center for Housing, Western Cape, RSA and who is also recognised as the Founder of FCHWC;


2)  Rev. Hillton Dennis - Deputy President and Director of Operations, and who is also recognised as the co-founder of FCHWC;


3)  Liz Green has been elected as a Director and a member of the Construction Committee to assist with the design of houses, interior decorating and decor of all newly built or renovated homes.


4)  Jesica Dennis - has been elected as Director of Family Selection and Family Partnering and Rev Hillton Dennis will assist her in this portfolio.



The following persons are also serving on the Board as Heads of their various departments:


1)  Jason Green - Head of Computer Hardware, Software, Networking and troubleshooting computer problems.

He is also the Construction manager of the first new Fuller Center house built in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, as well as the new one being built in Wesbank.